Calibrated and Implication Statements

iFEED Calibrated Statements

Climate change extremes summary
Climate change extremes part 1: (temperature and rainfall extremes)
Climate change extremes part 2: (rainfall amount and duration change, soil erosion, cassava toxicity)
Climate change impacts and adaptation
Food production
Trade and nutrition security
Yield shocks - all statements
Yield shocks summary
Crop pests and diseases
Emissions and soils
Soil erosion

iFEED Implication Statements

Crop diversification and livestock
Crop pests and diseases
Cassava toxicity
Households and livelihoods
Seed systems
Soil health

iFEED Policy Topic Summaries

Agricultural Resilience Under Climate Risks
Agricultural Commercialisation In The Context Of Climate Risks
Agricultural Land In The Context Of Climate Risks
Nutrition Security In The Context Of Climate Risks