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The iFEED tool is an online data exploration application made as part of the GCRF Africap project. It is designed to provide integrated evidence to shape policies towards climate-smart nutrition security. In its completed form, it will present data and descriptors for future scenarios and the impact these scenarios will have on crop yields and diets.

Please check back in January 2022 for iFEED outputs

When attempting to model future food production, many decisions are made. One of the more complex decisions concerns likely trends in yields. For example, over the past 50 years, global crop yields have improved substantially, despite changes in the climate. Modelling climate impacts on yields is therefore not enough; we need to factor in likely improvements in technology or management approaches, or these predictions in future yields will likely be underestimates.

Our trailer below describes how people with different expertise ranging from climate change to food security have come together to develop iFEED. As well as looking at future food production, iFEED includes modelling of emissions, climate extremes and trade and nutrition analysis. This data is supplemented by expert knowledge to nuance conclusions and ensure no critical areas are missing from iFEED.